Dementions 2008 Review

Dementions-“Fear is Near”
There’s not much more you can say, but wow when it comes to the haunts at the Industrial Nightmare complex. They are scary, breathtaking and truly awe inspiring. Dementions is no different since it blends amazing effects with insane actors. We were looking forward to Dementions all season and thankfully we walked away with a grin at the end of the night.

Length-8: Your tour through the demented halls of Dementions will take around 15 minutes to complete. There are very few dead spots and there’s always something scary happening in the next room.

Design-9: Dementions is a highly detailed haunt from beginning to end. You’ll explore various rooms that will have your jaw dropping or have you startled from fright. Scenes include a Christmas living room that has been taken over by a killer Santa, a hall of LED skeletons, an outdoor chainsaw maze and much more. But the most impressive scene that will have people talking for weeks is the Saw Gas Chamber. You’ll come upon an elevator with colorful light push buttons.

Suddenly the door shuts and you begin to hear the voice of Jigsaw from the Saw movies. Suddenly the elevator shakes and fills up with nerve gas as the Saw movie soundtrack can be heard. At this moment you may think the experience is over, but it isn’t. You slowly turn around and there is Jigsaw on his small bicycle turning his head in a creepy fashion. While this may be impressive there are many other rooms at Dementions that will surely have you taking a second look. But there are a couple rooms that are in need of some extra detailing such as the outdoor chainsaw maze. There’s not much to it besides black walls. More detailing would heighten the terror and create a better finish for this haunt.

Props/Animatronics-9: There are a variety of high end props that can be seen at Dementions. These include flying ghouls, a flaming vortex tunnel, an amazing homemade Hellevator and much more. Dementions is sure to impress those who are fans of animated scares, but there are a couple props that seem out of place. You’ll notice this most in the outside chainsaw maze. The massive creature that is being used is called a Scissor Serpent and it’s from Scare Factory. It’s an impressive animatronic, but it’s very loud and takes a while for the air compressor to start back up. It just seems out of place and something different needs to be placed there.

Acting-9: Many of the actors at Dementions came from The Haunted Hotel in Louisville Kentucky and it shows. They are intense, relentless and it’s obvious from the start that they aren’t going to break character no matter what. More intricate costumes and makeup would help create more realistic characters, but most people will be running in terror instead of pausing to stare. The best actors at Dementions are the chainsaw wielding maniacs who call the chainsaw maze home. They are relentless in chasing down their victims and never seem to let down.

Scare Effect-9: Dementions is a unique haunt that has scenes you are unlikely to see at other haunts. The actors are intense and so are the rooms they occupy. If you don’t jump once at Dementions, then maybe you’re one of the living dead..

Fright Value: Dementions is included in the admission price for Industrial Nightmare. Where else can you tour 2 world class haunts for $17?

Final Stab-9.0: Once again Dementions doesn’t disappoint. Many haunts will have one incredible haunt while charging admission to smaller inferior haunts that pale in comparison. This isn’t the case with Dementions since it’s nearly as bone chilling as Industrial Nightmare is. Please make sure and take a trip down to Jeffersonville, IN to experience some of the best haunts around at the Industrial Nightmare Complex.