Dead Acres 2008 Review

Dead Acres-“Working Hard To Make You Sick”

The first actors to ever haunt Fran Bar Park where Dead Acres takes place were owner Tim May and his friends when they were kids working in a haunted hayride put on by his grandfather. Ever since then it has evolved into what is known as Dead Acres, the sickest and most shocking haunt around. Scare seekers across the United States travel miles and miles to experience the sights and startling effects at the nation’s most shocking haunt.

Length-9: Your tour through the grotesque halls of Dead Acres will last around 20 minutes. This is a very fast paced haunt with action around every turn you take.

Design-10: Back in 2003 Dead Acres was known as The Haunted Hoochie. You would walk through different huts known as Hoochies and the door would suddenly close. You were then ordered to get as close to the fence as possible so you could view one of the many gory skits that were at The Haunted Hoochie. After the skit was over you would then proceed to the out doors where you would walk across a trail while being tormented by actors and various frightening effects before entering into the next hut.

The scenes and sights you would experience were beyond belief. These included a man getting his heart ripped out as the blood from it dripped over the crowd. Other skits included fire breathing ghouls who would breathe fire from every which direction getting so close to burning your face. The Haunted Hoochie was amazing, but changes had to be made. So for the last 5 years Haunted Hoochie has been known as Dead Acres and much has changed for this infamous haunt. Fast forward to present day and The Haunted Hoochie is a live and well at the one and only Dead Acres. Dead Acres is unlike any haunt you’ve ever been to. It incorporates graphic scenes that made Haunted Hoochie famous and takes high tech scares to another level.

Have you ever seen a live demon birth where a baby is discharged from its mothers woman as it splatters against the wall? Or have you ever experienced a man struggling for his life as He hangs from a rope as He’s being cut in two. These are just some of the shocking sights you’ll see at the world famous Dead Acres.

Props/Animatronics-10: Dead Acres is not only known for its array of graphic skits and scenes. It also has some of the most impressive animatronics and effects that are available today. These include the 14 foot Impaler, a massive flying dragon, an animated headless horseman and much more. Nearly every inch of these place boasts some type of animated scare every which way you turn.

Acting-10: There’s not much I can say about the actors at Dead Acres except for insane. The characters you’ll encounter will grab, pull and even brush their high powered chainsaws against your body. This is the real deal when it comes to dedicated actors because they never come out of character and are relentless in their pursuit to make you sick and scared. But be warned that you are in for a dark and twisted ride at Dead Acres that you’ll never experienced at another haunt.

Scare Effect-10: Dead Acres is relentless in scaring the daylights out of its customers. Rather you are watching a woman getting her teeth ripped out with a buzz saw or a helpless victim getting sawed in half, you’re going to be in for a bloody treat when you visit Dead Acres. This haunt takes fright to another level and then messes with your head at the same time.

Fright Value: $17 is pretty high for a single haunt, but Dead Acres is one of the best haunts in the nation. Please make sure and purchase a $27 VIP ticket since the ticket line alone can be 3 hours while the wait in line can be over 4 on busy nights.

Final Stab-9.8:  Dead Acres never seems to surprise me. I always go in expecting a lot and always come out with a huge smile on my face. This is a haunt unlike any other due to its intense nature and relentless actors. Take a trip out to Pataskala, Ohio this season to experience the one and only, Dead Acres.