Dark Pumpkin Haunted Trail 2007 Review

Dark Pumpkin Haunted Trail-“It’s a Green Fog Invasion”
A mysterious military base has been infected by something beyond this universe. Poisonous gases surround the area as flashing lights can be seen off in the distance warning those that dare to enter. This is Dark Pumpkin Haunted Trail presents “Invasion”.

Length-7: It will take around 12 minutes to free yourself from the deadly invasion. Depending on if you get stuck in some of the thick fog it may take a bit longer.

Design-7: The majority of this first year haunt contains very little in the way of props, but it more than makes up for it in unique design. You’ll actually feel like you’re in a haunted military base every step you take on your tour of Dark Pumpkin Haunted Trail. You’ll come across a mad scientist’s lab, UFO landing, tear gas tent and much more. The lighting effects used are some of the most unique I’ve seen in a haunted trail, but much more can be done in the way of scenes and rooms.

Props/Animatronics-6: There is truly a lack of high quality props at this first year haunted trail. The majority reflect the infected military base theme. Alien creatures hide in the bushes as a near by UFO has landed. Toxic barrels shake as an American flag can be seen off in the distance. With a little more money invested more props could be incorporated into the scenes to give it a more realistic feel to the entire haunt.

Acting-6: The biggest downfall of Dark Pumpkin Haunted Trail has to be its acting. While many of the characters you encounter are enthusiastic, they just aren’t convincing in the roles they play. Many of the more energetic actors are wasted due to them hiding in the woods waiting to jump out and scare you. If 5-10 more scenes were included in this trail there would be no need to hide these actors behind bushes and trees.

Scare Effect-7: Yes the acting is sub par, but there is something unique about this haunt. Seeing green fog off in the distance or seeing flashing lights warning you of what may lie ahead will give you chills. While there aren’t many scenes that will have you jumping out your skin, this haunt does well with its military base theme. You won’t see clowns roaming around in a ball pit or Michael Myers attacking his next victim. This is a haunt that sticks to a theme and does it well for the most part.

Fright Value: $10 is a way too steep price for a haunt of this quality. Maybe one day when the acting is improved, high quality props are added and the overall theme is improved slightly, it may be worth the price of admission. But as of now this is a $6-$8 haunt at best. Make sure to print out a $1 off coupon for Friday nights.

Final Stab-6.6: With more years of experience and a better layout, this could be a haunted trail that is hard to beat. Considering it’s the first year for this haunt, I think the staff did a pretty decent job in trying to scare people who went through. The majority of the public isn’t used to army based haunts, but with time people will come to love the idea. I see a bright future for Dark Pumpkin Haunted Trail if things are changed for the better.