Carnevil 2007 Review

Carnevil-“Step Right Up”
A big circus tent can be seen off in the distance. Freaks and extreme acts of nature decorate its walls, but are you ready to experience the circus like never before? This is Carnevil at Chainsaw Creek.

Length-6: It will take you under 10 minutes to finish your tour of Carnevil at Chainsaw Creek. There are few dead spots, but too many actors used more than once to fill scenes.

Design-7: Carnevil is your typical clown themed haunts. Once you put on the 3D glasses the walls come to life with bright colors and 3D effects. This haunt has potential if more scenes were added instead of having a clown maze take up most of your time.

Props/Animatronics-6: The majority of props center around the clown theme, but Carvevil is dying for more animatronics to be implemented into the haunt. Some of the eye candy you’ll come across is a vortex tunnel, moving barrel and much more. More static clowns scatted throughout the fun house would confuse people and fill the rooms with extra decor.

Acting-6: There was a big shortage of actors the night we visited Chainsaw Creek and it was no different at Carnevil. There were probably 10 actors at the most who mostly directed patrons on where to go instead of trying to frighten them.
Scare Effect-6: As I said before, this haunt is basically a maze with twists and turns. Much of Carnevil can be confusing to the point where characters will have to point you in the right direction. Once an actor breaks character it ruins the whole experience.
Fright Value: $10 is a bit high for a haunt that is short actors and scenes. When more detail, actors and scenes are incorporated into the haunt, it will be well worth the price of admission. Please make sure and get a combo ticket for the price of $20 so you can enter each haunt for the price of $5. You can’t beat that deal.
Final Stab-6.2: Carnevil’s detailed facade with posters of freaks and extreme acts of nature make this haunt appear like it’s something different than it truly is. Right now Carnevil is your typical clown themed haunt with room to grow. If many improvements are made, this could be a highly rated haunt.