Bloodview Haunted House 2013 Review

Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)
“Ice Cream and Rotting Flesh, Yum”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Bloodview Haunted House is one of Ohio’s most interactive haunts. The world’s oldest improvisational horror acting troupe haunts Bloodview on a nightly basis. They’re called Legion of Terror and they’re some of the most hardcore actors in the state of Ohio. Most people don’t want to wait in a line, but at Bloodview it’s different. The show starts before you ever buy a ticket.

October 11th-13th was Zombie Weekend. As I was biting into a potato chip, Michael Jackson’s Thriller started to play. Suddenly the living dead emerged and they were relentless.  They walked on tables, danced and tried to eat people’s food. It was complete madness. Bloodview is a crazy haunt with some of the best actors around and I was more than happy to wait in line.

Blooview has a lot of crazy characters. My personal favorite is the Ice Cream Man. A zombie in an ice cream man uniform interacts with customers waiting in line. On several occasions, he would walk up to a customer and ask them what their favorite flavor of ice cream was. He nicknamed a member of our group “Vanilla Drop” and wanted his vanilla drop all over his tongue. He even asked me what my favorite nipple was. I was a little disturbed, but quite impressed how this actor never broke character and was able to keep a straight face the entire time.

Bloodview was full of zombies with impressive makeup and costumes. There was a zombie sargeant, a zombie in a wheel chair, a zombie with a half eaten apple and a killer with a machete. After waiting in line for 10 minutes, it was time to experience the first part of Bloodview Haunted House. The first part of Bloodview takes place outside for the most part. Some of the scenes didn’t have many actors, but this was most likely because quite a few were outside of the haunt interacting with people.

There’s a forest of dolls (aka Baby Doll Island) with doll babies attached to a wooden maze. You’ll also enter a graveyard with a zombie who’s rising from the dead. There aren’t many scenes for the first portion of Bloodview. There are a couple sets including a shack with an old fashioned gas pump and a walk through mausoleum/crypt with coffins embedded into the wall.

After you’re finished with the first part of Bloodview, you’ll enter the second queue line where there are even more actors interacting with customers. They’re of the zombie variety. We were very entertained as we waited in line. The second part of Bloodview takes place inside. Many of the rooms are tight and have very unique sets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room that resembles the inside of a Grandfather’s Clock.

Bloodview doesn’t play by the traditional rules of a haunted house. Yeah, they have a haunted library and a kitchen, but the actors are what make the scenes so different from other haunts. The library doesn’t have a librarian. It features a half human/half bird hybrid who wants to become a full bird. The kitchen has a cook, but also has a clown with a bucket on his head.

There’s been a gas leak a Bloodview and you better get the hell out. You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you tour Bloodview. Bloodview is a sadistic haunt with guts and skulls that decorate the walls. The vortex tunnel looks like it’s made out of human skin. If you’re hungry, you can check out Bloodview’s Deli that’s serving up organs and entrails. Is your mouth watering yet? Bloodview Haunted House is crazy and so are the actors. Children are locked up behind cages and half of the characters are indescribable.

Total Tour time is close to 20 minutes. Tickets are $15. You can walk through the haunt again for $3. An unlimited all night pass is $20. Click here to print out a $1 off coupon which makes the haunt only $14. Concessions are cheap with many less than a buck. The heart and soul of what makes Bloodview Haunted House so great is its actors. They’re some of the wildest we’ve ever seen. We couldn’t escape the zombie apocalypse. Several zombies followed us to our car and tried to get inside. This is how dedicated the actors at  Bloodview Haunted House are. Bloodview Haunted House knows what they’re doing when it comes to actors and has donated nearly two million dollars to charities.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 8.6