The Black Bog 2007 Review

The Black Bog-“Watch Out For The Locals
Springboro’s Black Bog returns for its fourth year of scares. Will it be the same old haunted trail we’ve come to love or be surprisingly bad this year? Let’s find out!

Length-8: It will take around 15-20 minutes to walk this foggy trail and escape the mad men and crazed creatures of The Black Bog.

Design-7: Over the years The Black Bog has become one of the better designed haunted trails in Ohio, but this year’s version has gone the cheap route in the way many of the walls are built. Many of the scenes you’ll come across are held up by cheap plastic that easily reflects when light is shined on it. While there aren’t that many standout new scenes or rooms, there are a few returning scenes you’ve come to expect from The Black Bog. Rooms include an evil doll house room, back woods junk yard, hill billy shacks, dark mazes, walk through school bus and more. A few scenes have been left out of The Black Bog this year such as the intense Hellevator ride and hopefully next year it will return better then ever.

Props/Animatronics-6: Nothing really stood out this year in terms of eye candy. The classic vortex tunnel returns better then ever, but the missing Hellevator prop really lowers the overall intensity of The Black Bog.

Acting-6: Unfortunately when we showed up the Black Bog wasn’t open to the public yet, so we had to get in the line for the hayride first. When we got off the hayride we had to wait almost an hour in a short line before it was open to the public. I have a feeling that they were short on actors that night or many of the actors showed up late. The actors were mediocre the night we visited and no one really made a lasting impression. While the back woods hill billies were entertaining, you can’t just have an actor with an accent be considered a hill billy. They need to be in overalls, have bad teeth, sound half retarted and look almost mutant like in appearance. The actors at The Black Bog need an acting coach to make the haunted trail more intense and have the characters be more convincing.

Scare Effect-6: This used to be a pretty creepy haunted trail with the combination of heavy fog and a somewhat unique design. But every year the design is drastically changed for the worse and the acting seems to go down hill year after year. If you are new to haunted trails, The Black Bog will impress you for sure.

Fright Value: $8 doesn’t seem like a half bad price for a haunted trail. But I would suggest you get a combo ticket for $15 so you can visit both haunts for a night of terror.

Final Stab-6.6: One of my favorite haunted trails returns for another year of scaring visitors of Bull Run Farm. While it has been better in previous years, it still is a good haunt to visit along with the haunted hayride. They both compliment each other in a strange way.