Big Top Terror 2007 Review


Once we arrived at Terror Town, large electronic letters flashed “Big Top Terror”. We were curious as to what evil lived in that house of laughter. So the first haunt of the night we visited was Big Top Terror.

Length-8: It will take around 15 minutes to escape the mad house which is Big Top Terror. Depending on how long you’re stuck in the mind bending maze, it may take longer.

Design-8: Once you put on your 3D glasses the walls come alive at Big Top Terror. While the design is very similar to other clown themed haunts, the 3D effects are much more impressive. Some rooms you’ll enter are a clown body bag room, twisted maze and much more. There aren’t too many stand out rooms, but Big Top Terror really sticks to the circus theme and isn’t too over the top in doing so.

Props/Animatronics-9: You’ll see some of the best props available at any clown themed haunt around. Props include a vomiting ghoul, hanging clowns, a horn blowing clown and much more. The unique thing that you’ll notice is that many well known animatronics have been altered to match the clown theme. It will shows how much effort has been put into Big Top Terror.

Acting-8: This is one of those haunts that relies on atmosphere more than intense actors. The actors are very enthusiastic and get the job done, but the true star of the show is the amazing 3D clown effects and impressive animatronics.

Scare Effect-8: If you have a fear of clowns you’ll be revisiting your worst nightmare once entering Big Top Terror. While this is your typical clown themed haunt, everything from design to props has been almost perfected. The most frightening aspect of this haunt is the twisted maze you’ll eventually enter. Unlike many mazes, you’ll find your way out right away. But if the actor who roams the maze isn’t read to unlock the door, you may be in there for a while.

Fright Value: $16 is a deal for all three attractions at Terror Town. Make sure to visit Big Top Terror and The Cave first since they have the shortest lines compared to House of The Dead. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck in Toledo, than Terror Town is your best bet.

Final Stab-8.2: House of The Dead at Terror town is one of the better clown themed haunts in Ohio. Its great design and high tech startles will impress you while the way many of the animatronics have been altered to fit the clown theme add to the intensity.