Baxter Avenue Morgue 2007 Review

Baxter Avenue Morgue-“The Restless Souls Are Waiting”
The basement of the old Baxter Avenue Morgue lies restless waiting for another victim to enter it’s dark corridors. Once people enter into the old morgue, the walls come alive and the creatures inside reach out for another soul. Are you ready to enter the basement of Baxter Avenue Morgue?

Length-9: It will take you nearly 20 minutes to tour the dark basement of Baxter Avenue Morgue. While there are few dead spots, there are a couple scenes dying for the addition of more actors to make the rooms come alive.

Design-9: Baxter Avenue Morgue is not like your typical haunt. While many haunts you’ll come across have various themed rooms you enter, this is not the case with the majority of  the morgue. It’s one continuous room with tight and twisting turns that centers around one theme and that’s a haunted morgue. Scenes you’ll enter are a haunted graveyard, doll play room, mad clown house, spider cave and much more. While there aren’t many new additions that have been made this year, the rooms have almost the same impact they did years ago.

Props/Animatronics-9: Baxter Avenue Morgue doesn’t rely on a large amount of animatronics to fill its rooms. The props they have go perfectly with the morgue theme and almost seem as if they are real. Shaking coffins, rotting tombstones, hanging body bags and much more only describes a bit of what you’ll see while touring the haunted morgue. While many haunts don’t show case their props well, this isn’t the case with Baxter Avenue Morgue. Lots of time and effort has been used to perfect their use of dynamic lighting and it pays off big time when showcasing various rooms at Baxter Avenue Morgue.  

Acting-9: The actors are intense and in your face at Baxter Avenue Morgue and never come out of character. While many of the characters you’ll come across lack dialog, they make up for it with sheer enthusiasm and dedication to their roles. My only gripe is that a few actors were missing this year such as spider boy and a couple others. While spider boy was replaced a few years ago by a sliding corpse prop, it still drastically effects the spider cave scene. And while we were entering into that scene, the sliding corpse wasn’t working properly.

Scare Effect-9: Just imagining that this building might possibly be a morgue puts chills down your back and once you enter the scares never stop. But without the intense and dedicated actors at Baxter Avenue Morgue this would be your typical haunt. With little changes from year to year, it’s still one of the most intense haunts around and has become somewhat of a cult favorite among haunt enthusiasts.

Fright Value: $15 is a bit high for a haunt, but if it’s your first time touring Baxter Avenue Morgue it will be well worth the price of admission. Depending on the night, the line may be extremely large, so make sure and pay for the VIP line so you don’t have to wait a few hours to enter the morgue.

Final Stab-9.0: Once again Baxter Avenue Morgue doesn’t disappoint. While I would like to see some more inventive scenes added to the design, it’s still one of the better haunts around. It’s a unique frightening experience that is hard to replicate.