Baxter Avenue Morgue 2022 Review

Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY)
“Folks Area Dying to Get In”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack plays as customers wait in line to experience Baxter Avenue Morgue. Lights flash on and off. There’s some type of evil that lives in the basement of the morgue. Those who’ve passed away are out for revenge and you’ll soon come face to face with them. Baxter Avenue Morgue has been scaring haunt enthusiasts since 2000. That’s 22 years of fright.

This is a very theatrical haunt with homemade scares and unique special effects. The place feels haunted. Morgue doors open by themselves as lights flash. Baxter Avenue Morgue does a good job with its sound effects. You can hear water drip as you enter the spider cave. This is a pretty creepy haunt with tight corridors and low ceilings. Some of the scenes can be quite large. The makeshift graveyard features real dirt, old tombstones and plenty of props. My favorite was the woman who rises from her grave.

Baxter Avenue Morgue is one of those haunts that relies heavily on its spooky atmosphere. The makeshift hospital is bone chilling. You’ll meet the evil doctor several times throughout your journey. I enjoy a good killer clown like anyone else does, but they just seem out of place inside a morgue setting. You’ll meet the same clowns inside Baxter Avenue Morgue. They can be seen roasting a victim over an open fire and they use their gas powered murder weapons when you exit the haunt.

Baxter Avenue Morgue is much different than the majority of haunts in the Louisville area. It’s pretty low budget with scenes and special effects you won’t see anywhere else. But I won’t ruin some of the surprises. One of my favorite rooms is just a simple narrow hallway that twists and turns. It’s very unsettling for some reason.

Baxter Avenue Morgue is a fan favorite in the Louisville area, but it has had its ups and downs over the years. Ever since Lucian Tomes (who played Warren Vanderdark) left, the haunt just isn’t as special as it once was. The actress who plays Raven does a decent job with the introduction, but she’s no Warren Vanderdark. The iconic gate has also been removed. Hopefully Baxter Avenue Morgue returns to its former glory one day.

Total tour time was 13 minutes, but this depends on your interaction with characters and how fast you walk. Tickets are $20 and a SpeedPass is $40. There’s Baxter Avenue Morgue merchandise when you exit. Group discounts are available and there’s a $5 off coupon you can find on their website.

Folks are dying to get into Baxter Avenue Morgue. The creatures are out to get you and they will possess you.

Length-7  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-8  Scare Effect-7

Final Stab: 7.4