Bad Trip In 3D 2010 Review

Bad Trip in 3D-“Scary Clowns and Badass Beasts”
Genre: 3D Haunted House
Location: 13861 East Broad St SW

Pataskala, OH 43062
Runtime: 10-12 min

This will be the second year for Bad Trip in 3D. There have’t been major improvements, but it’s still a fun haunt and a good alternative to Dead Acres.
This is City Blood’s review of Bad Trip in 3D.
What’s Good About The Haunt?
Bad Trip in 3D can be best described as a Sadistic 3D Funhouse. It’s not as good as the main haunt, but it’s a fun experience after you’ve gone through the off the wall and insane Dead Acres. Many of the props are from the company Unit 70 Studios and have been splashed with fluorescent paint to make them come alive in 3D. This includes mutant clowns with stretched faces, an animated corpse holding her dead baby, a large moving alien eye and other detailed figures that Unit 70 Studios is known for.
Bad Trip in 3D doesn’t just rely on sticking to the clown theme. You’ll also encounter large butchered pigs from Ghost Ride Productions, a spinning vortex tunnel, a man eating Venus Flytrap and some great 3D art that will impress most people. Since it’s debut in 2009 I’ve really enjoyed this haunt. Bad Trip is like the calm after the storm. After you are done with Dead Acres you might be in the mood for something a little light hearted and Bad Tip in 3D fits the bill.
What’s Bad About The Haunt?
The majority of the really great actors are inside Dead Acres. Bad Trip In 3D mostly focuses on visuals instead of high impact scares. It’s also not that long, but it’s great while it lasts. It’s really hard to scare people in a clown themed haunt unless they have a fear of clowns and I don’t. But if you do, you’re in for a real scary ride when you enter Bad Trip in 3D.
Customer Service:
There’s not a long wait for Bad Trip in 3D. You should be inside within a couple of minutes. The haunt itself seems to be pretty safe and after you exit there are plenty of concessions at the concession trailer. This includes water, coffee, chips and more. The prices are a little high though. $3.00 for a small cup of coffee is rediculous. Make sure to visit the Ticket Barn where you can purchase your favorite Dead Acres and Haunted Hoochie aparell. There’s an ATM on side so you don’t have to worry if you’re low on cash.
Dead Acres is celebrating its 20th year of operation by charging only $20 to experience both Dead Acres and Bad Trip in 3D. That’s an incredible deal for 2 first class attractions. Unless you show up very earlier, I would recommend that you purchase a VIP ticket for only $30. You’ll thank me when you aren’t waiting 3 hours in line.
Final Thoughts:
Bad Trip in 3D is one of the best designed 3D haunts I’ve been through in a long time. It’s not very intense, but it’s still memorable and a great addition to the Dead Acres lineup. You’ll feel like you’re on a bad acid trip when you walk through this haunt and that’s a good thing. This haunt is reminiscent of the old fashioned fun houses that used to be popular at carnivals. You’ll have a great time at Bad Trip in 3D.
Length-7    Design-8    Props/Animatronics-8    Acting-7    Scare Effect-7
Official Score – 7.4