American Horrorplex 2022 Review

American Horrorplex (Louisville, KY)
“It’s Time to Make You Better”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The weather was just right and the ghouls were ready to attack at American Horrorplex. A madman in a motorized cart chased people around with a chainsaw attached to his arm. A psycho with a cattle prod gets inches away from zapping customers. The Bracken-Hart Memorial Museum is in full force. Learn about its twisted history while waiting in line. American Horrorplex is an actor based haunt where you’ll meet wild and crazy characters that are found in your worst nightmares.

American Horrorplex is very theatrical with emphasis on story. Our favorite character was Nurse Bubbles who speaks with a German accent and cracks jokes. She’s played by none other than Samantha Gray and she’s very funny. Enter an elevator that goes up as it takes you to the Braken Hart-Institute for the criminally insane. It’s a bumpy ride. The unruly subjects are gassed. A poor girl is in the electric chair for crimes against humanity and it’s your job to pull the switch. Watch her fry!

Another memorable character is the museum curator played by Lucian Tomes Jr. He’s very convincing and sets the tone for the night. Learn about the Nazi super soldier program known as Operation Paperclip. American Horrorplex is unlike any other haunt in Louisville with scenes you won’t experience elsewhere. Witness the miraculous birth of a fleshlumpkin. Aren’t these weird parasites beautiful. Enter the belly of the beast where weird sacks pulsate. This is a bizarre and twisted scene that would be perfect for any science fiction movie. There are sick and twisted experiments being performed at American Horrorplex. A gorilla has the top of its head removed as his brain is exposed. Will you be the doctor’s next patient?

There are a lot of startling scares and scenes at American Horrorplex. The graveyard is better than ever and it feels quite immersive. This is well thought out haunt where the actors are up close and personal and don’t resort to screaming “Get Out” or “Where are you going?”. Some of the inmates have escaped. One is some type of bizarre creature that wants to grab a hold of you. American Horrorplex features authentic looking medical costumes and plenty of props that would be great for any hospital  that specializes in malpractice. You’ll explore the pharmacy, boiler room and other areas of the hospital. Don’t eat anything the patients offer you. You’ll thank me later.

Total tour time was 15 minutes, but this depends on your interaction with the various characters. General admission is $25, VIP is $45 and Front of the Line admission is $65. VIP and Front of the Line admission includes a free group photo. There are plenty of concessions available including pop, chips, nachos, candy, Halloween decorations, T-Shirts, hats, cups and more. Have fun playing arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man. There are carnival games, a goat petting zoo, a beer garden, vendors, and different photo-op stations when you exit the haunt. The test your strength game looked quite fun. The concessions are some of the most reasonable we’ve seen all season. Nachos are only $3 and popcorn is $2. While you wait in line there’s Trivia. They ask questions such as “What is the Munsters’ dragon’s name?”

American Horrorplex celebrates its third year of fear and they’ve quickly become one of the best haunts in the Louisville area. If you love great acting, detailed set design, scary storytelling and unique props then you need to take your ass to American Horrorplex. It’s time to make you better.

Length-8 Design-9 Props/Animatronics-9 Acting-9 Scare Effect-8

Final Stab: 8.6